lotus werkomgeving.jpeg

Jack of all trades, master of none. Lotus Dali Rooijakkers (1997) embodies the jack of many trades by working with a broad range of media. Whilst working in scenography and working together with actors, the behind the scenes fascinated her more then the outcome of the piece itself. Therefore her performative appearances play with the thin line of reality and fantasy. In her previous installation ‘’Safe Enough 2021’’ she put 40 fire extinguishers, meters of fire hoses and other several safety equipment to occupy the in and outs of the area she site specifically works with.


In Maakhaven in The Hague she used the outside, the floor as well as the higher parts of the space. Some firepipes cross diagonally to find its exit throughout windows towards the maybe even safer place. The intense red is an attending colour and seems to scream for attention. The core of this installation is where the most extinguishers meet. Either you can see 6 items are structured and hanged straight in a row on a wall next to it. There is a fire extinguisher, a smaller one, an exit sign, mouth cap, bandage and tape which says: fragile. 


It seems like a point of focus while at the same time there is chaos happening in the middle of the work. There we see ropes, aid-kit with little torch lights, bandages, fake hands, exit signs, fire hoses and little spotlights facing the extinguishers standing around. It seems like there needs to be a focus. However, the opposite takes place. Each fire extinguisher brings along history. ‘’Safe Enough 2021” existed long before it got exposed in public since she got them from various locations throughout The Netherlands.